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Garage Door Service in Northern Virginia

With over 20 years in the garage door service industry, our certified technicians are here to assist Northern Virginia with all their garage door needs. As a company that strives to be the area’s one-stop-shop for garage door service, repair, and installations, Prince William Garage Door, Inc. is committed to providing complete customer satisfaction! Our vast inventory is always fully-stocked, so you’ll never have to wait or go elsewhere for the parts you need. No matter the scope of the project, our courteous and attentive staff is ready to provide premier-quality garage door service promptly and professionally. Learn more about our services and how we can keep your garage door in tip-top shape for the long haul.

single stall garage in progress

Garage Door Service for All Makes and Models!

If your garage door system is experiencing problems, we have the solutions! Our well-versed technicians are more than capable of performing garage door service for all makes and models. From broken springs to malfunctioning remotes, and everything in between, give us the honor of providing the service you need! We recommend service to doors be carried out every six months for a residential garage door and every three months for a commercial garage door to ensure longevity. We offer excellent warranty coverage that includes one-year parts and labor plus the manufacturer’s warranty.

Our Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Services Include the Following Essential Features:

Checking the Door’s Hardware
  • Check and tighten all fasteners
  • Check the rollers for wear or rust
  • Check tracks and remove any debris
  • Check the lift cable for wear
  • Check all supporting hardware (Lock assy., handle, bumpers, etc.)
Check Springs, Chains, & Seals
  • Check and lubricate all pivot points
  • Check and lubricate chain/screw and springs
  • Check condition and age of springs
  • Check for any rust on springs
  • Check the condition of the weather seal
  • Check and replace damaged U-shaped astragal
Check the Garage Door Opener
  • Check condition and tightness of all nuts and bolts
  • Check operation of opener
  • Check reversing feature
  • Check secondary safety features
Check the Garage Door’s Condition and Operation
  • Check the balance of the door
  • Check auto-reverse feature
  • Check to see if lift handles should be installed
  • Check and clean safety features
  • Check and address any unusual noises
Check for Sectional Garage Door
  • Check and lubricate all hinges
  • Check the condition of all rollers
  • Check the condition of lifting cables
  • Check the condition of bottom lifting fixtures
  • Check door operation and balance
  • Check, adjust and lubricate springs
  • Check the condition of lifting drums
  • Check all nuts and bolts

Get Your Free Estimate Today!

Here at Prince Willian Garage Door, we want to help residential and commercial property owners far and wide beautify their homes, improve the functionality of their business, and increase their property value. Visit our Northern Virginia showroom to pick yourself out a high-quality garage door that will do just that! And be sure to complete your garage door purchase with the convenience, safety, and security of a garage door opener! Our garage door service feels like the royal treatment from start to finish!

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